Akelius Residential Property AB

key figures

growth in-place rent per sqm, like-for-like, percent

secured loan-to-value, percent - unavailable from Q4 2021 to Q3 2023

liquidity, MEUR

properties, MEUR

net operating income growth, like-for-like, percent

rental income growth, like-for-like, percent

rent potential, percent

loan-to-value, percent - n/a for Q4 2021

real vacancy, percent

equity ratio, percent

adjusted unencumbered asset ratio

cash uses and cash sources, MEUR

debt maturities per year, MEUR

debt maturities, years

fixed interest term per year, MEUR

fixed interest term, years

average interest rate, percent

interest coverage ratio, 12 months - not available for Q2 and Q3 2023, due to net interest income

interest coverage ratio, excluding realized value growth, 12 months - not available for Q2 and Q3 2023 due to net interest income

for the period January to March 2024


rentable area, thousand sqm1,195
average size, apartments, sqm62
real vacancy, percent1.1

fair value, MEUR

opening balance5,686
exchange differences60
closing balance5,766
euro per sqm4,679
capitalization rate, percent4.77


rental income growth, percent8.2
net operating income growth, percent19.4
change in vacancy, residential, percentage points-1.5


loan-to-value, percent34
loan-to-value secured, percent2
debt maturity, years3.3
liquidity, MEUR890
equity and hybrid capital ratio, percent55
equity ratio, percent50
average interest rate, percent1.25
interest coverage ratio, 12 months8.1
interest coverage ratio, excluding realized value growth, 12 months8.2


return properties, percent-2.2
whereof income return 0.8
whereof value growth-0.2
whereof transaction cost


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