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Akelius Residential Property AB

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Akelius possède 19,545 appartements locatifs dans les villes métropolitaines de New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Londres, Paris et Austin.

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une meilleure qualité de vie

Le groupe cible est constitué de locataires qui exigent

  • un emplacement recherché
  • la qualité des lieux
  • une qualité de service

Une meilleure qualité de vie comprend

  • la propreté et l'ordre
  • la sécurité et vie privée
  • le service rapide
  • des espaces verts
  • l'art, la lumière et un faible niveau de bruit
  • la conservation des valeurs architecturales et historiques
  • des solutions durables concernant l'énergie, l'eau, les déchets et les matériaux
  • des appartements et des bâtiments modernisés

proportion de la juste valeur, pour cent

des emplacements attrayants dans les villes métropolitaines

Akelius se concentre sur les emplacements offrant une qualité de vie élevée,
ce qui signifie à proximité d'espaces verts, de parcs, de systèmes de transport efficaces et d'un faible taux de criminalité.

Les endroits où l'on peut marcher sont également recherchés.

La cote maximale 'Walk Score' est de 100.
La cote 'Walk Score' d'Akelius est en moyenne de 86, ce qui indique des lieux très propices à la marche.

walk score

best educated staff

All employees receive internally developed training relevant to their roles.

Relevant education ensures that the company has the best educated staff in the real estate industry.

an honorable and sustainable company

Akelius strives to be sustainable and honorable.

Akelius acts decently and honestly with all its stakeholders, 
tenants, employees, contractors, the community.

To enhance business ethics, the company annually trains its staff on Code of conduct, anti-corruption, and the whistleblower procedure.

The company aims to reduce its carbon emissions with forty percent by 2025 and be fully decarbonized by 2050.

Renewable energy and co-generation projects lead to reduced energy consumption,
greenhouse gas emissions, and utility costs.

strive for a minimum of BBB+ credit rating

The financial policy stipulates that the company should strive for a BBB+ credit rating or higher.

The current rating is BBB with negative outlook.
The financial policy stipulates a loan-to-value below forty five percent.

owned by a charitable foundation

The company’s main ultimate owner is the Akelius Foundation,
a charitable foundation.

Akelius Foundation is one of the world’s largest donors to SOS Children’s Villages.

the founder Roger Akelius

The founder Roger Akelius grew up in Stora Mellby in the southwestern part of Sweden.

At an age of eleven, he started his first summer job at a dairy.

With his first two paychecks he bought a camera and a tent.

With his third paycheck he bought his first property – a summer cottage.

In 1968, Roger became Sweden’s youngest lecturer at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

In 1974, he published a book about premium bonds that became a bestseller and made the name Akelius known to the masses.

Roger published the book Akelius Tax in 1982,
explaining in a simple and personal way how ordinary people can legally reduce their taxes.

In 1985, Roger was the first in the world to sell fiscal declaration programs.

In 1994, Roger bought properties in Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Trollhättan.

Today, Akelius owns residential properties in seven metropolitan cities in Europe and North America.

Roger Akelius has for many years been engaged in charity through Akelius Foundation.
The Foundation has made several records in donations for people in need throughout the world.